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Exterior Cottage Renovation: A Major Transformation

Here it is in all of it's glory, the house I "bird dogged" (a term my husband made up) for several years before we finally were able to purchase it. It had been left unoccupied for over 10 years and was a mess on the outside. The inside, while dirty, wasn't as bad as you would imagine from the looks of it. During the renovation, my husband fell completely out of love with this house and nicknamed it "Hellmeade" LOL, for all the curveballs in the infrastructure and utilities. We got it done though and here is proof. Read along and I will post the major/shocking before and after pictures of the inside and out.


Before and After Exterior



Old Front Door


Rear Exterior

The outside got a major overhaul and is practically a new house except for the studs. We replaced all electrical, plumbing, sewer, and HVAC. We gutted the interior.


Before and After Interior





All new except a refinished cast iron tub





We added a door to the back deck in the bigger bedroom and refinished all the old oak hardwood floors


Here are a few more pictures of updated rooms in the house.

It's a wrap! We learned a lot from this renovation, grew some new relationships, kicked some people to the curb, and developed the steadiest painting hands in the world. It may have been a lot of work but it turned out great and I love this little house!

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