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Our Favorite Current Home Trend: Dark Exteriors

The modern white farmhouse house is steady jogging along and can be seen in renovations and new builds everywhere. Naturally we are seeing a serge in the white house's darker more daring sister, THE BLACK HOUSE. These super chic black or dark charcoal home exteriors are popping up in our Instagram feed, home design blogs, and all over Pinterest. Here are a few of our very favorites:

While many of the homes with modern dark exteriors feature white window trim which has a more "cottagy" look, we prefer the sleeker version with black windows, dark trim and soffit, and dark or copper gutters. This saturated exterior is the perfect backdrop to make the vibrant shades of green in the landscape pop. Rustic wood, metal, stone hardscapes and facades, and copper accents all soften and warm the cool black, making the dark cladding appear to sink away from the eye. This striking trend makes a bold statement on all types of homes from farmhouses to glamourous retreats to tiny streamlined cottages in the woods. If you are considering taking your house to the darkside, we say "do it!"

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