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7 Unbelievable Exterior Home Renovations: Before and After + our latest total makeover progress

Let's talk about exterior renovations:

The vibe of the exterior of the house is telling. Whether the house projects the vibe of a mountain getaway, a modern minimalist, an eclectic beach retreat, or a dilapidated boarded up cottage, it is important that the story be told from the front door to the back. Let's look at some major exterior renovations, the before and after.






So much work, but the results speak for themselves. Now for the progress before and after pictures of our renovations! We are knee deep in TWO major renovation projects right in the middle of town here in Knoxville.

Both of the homes were built in the 1940's, one being a small historic home in Sutherland Heights and the other in the beautiful Sequoyah Hills neighborhood.

The first renovation is so similar to one we have done before, in fact, we have previously completed an entire exterior renovation on another home in this exact neighborhood. The first renovated home was acquired looking like this:


Sanctuary Homes

And after the great hail storm of 2011 which left it's aluminum siding looking like a golf ball, it underwent an entire exterior renovation. We chose a dark shamrock green siding, faux cedar shakes, and finished the house off with a creamy cameo trim. The warm white cameo trim really adds a richness to the home and looks far superior to stark white with this color combination. All that work elevated it to this:

The newest renovation project in this neighborhood, just one street away, was acquired from the City of Knoxville as a blighted property. The location of this house could not be better! It is perfect for a young professional, a small family, a few students, or a couple. It sits right on the greenway with a small branch of Third Creek running through the backyard. It took 10 years to finally get this gal some help and find the life left in this little gem. It is a rough around the edges to say the least and required all new plumbing, sewer, and electric wiring and gas service. We call this one the Greenway House or as my husband refers to it Hell-Meade. Here is the before:


And along the way...

Isn't she a beauty!?! Yellow and orange or maybe that is brown.... but i think she was green at one time too.

We have plans for her though and when complete, this little house in the middle of our beautiful city will basically be a brand new house. Notice we extended the roof to have soffit and overhang, helping keep water away from the house. We also added a covered porch and doubled the size of the front window. We installed trim and siding and fancy new windows and doors and this project is starting to come together. We chose a dark blue with a hint of grey for the exterior siding. We trimmed the whole thing in a clean white. There is plenty left to do, and and I can't wait to show you but for now here is the exterior progress so far...



This is the other house that is undergoing a full on metamorphosis: It is another 1940's home, referred to as a mid-century modest home because, well, it lacks a lot of bells and whistles and way back then, they built these type homes everywhere. We call this one the Forest Glen Tree House.

It needed some architectural details, some angles, some edge. We installed some custom cedar awnings with metal roof on the front window and the side door. We built a larger covered porch over the existing concrete block porch. All new black windows and more windows and bigger windows made a huge impact on the amount of light that comes inside with all the shade on the outside. We added a two large additions on the rear of the home, keep scrolling....

We chose a dark grey siding with black metal trim, black windows, a wooden front door and wooden decking on the porch. There is still a lot of exterior work to be done with finishing the porch, new railing, new steps, new driveway into the front yard.... and deciding what to do with the visible foundation whether it be rock facade or paint.

The back needed an update too. The back second floor area was a nightmare with 7 foot ceilings and a leaking roof and we ended up tearing the whole thing off after we peeled back the siding. We came up with a plan B over night and built a whole new second floor "playroom." We also added a new master suite that includes two walk in closets and a master bathroom with walk in shower on the left side of the house.

It's already looking sooooo much better. I will be ready to share all whole deal when it is complete.... AND the biggest treat of all will be sharing the inside which is a complete transformation! Stay tuned.

Exterior renovations are super rewarding! The simple addition of front porch with a gable roof can be transformational on a house. With the right selections and the right architecture, your house can be elevated to your dream home.

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